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New Hardwood and Refinishing Services

Hardwood Floors have Natural Beauty and are durable and timeless. Hardwood floors are not only attractive but they are environmentally friendly and manufactured from renewables. They can improve the environment within your home. At Dalton Carpet Outlet, we also offer a large selection of prefinished hardwoods and refinishing services.


A few things to consider when choosing Hardwood Flooring:

Forest Trees


There are many species of hardwoods and each has its own benefits and disadvantages. Ask our experts to help you determine what species is appropriate for your lifestyle and desired look.



Hardwood colors run from almost white to black, with browns and grays in between. Medium colors are cozy and rich while dark colors are modern and chic. The species can impact the colors so let our staff help you select the best species to get the desired color for your space.



 Hardwood flooring is usually thought of as the ¾” thick and 2.1/4” wide boards, but is also available in various sizes from 3” to 6” or more widths. The typical 2.1/4” boards are called strips. If the boards are 3” or more they are called planks. Each style creates a unique look. Ask our professionals to help you achieve the desired look.



Always ask for samples of the Hardwoods you are considering to see how they will look in your home. All lighting is different and will change the overall appearance.

Wine Corks


Cork is sustainable hard flooring that is made from the bark of the cork tree. Cork comes in planks and tiles that are both easy to install.

Hardwood Installation


Solid Hardwood is 100% solid wood. Most solids are nailed to the subfloor. Because it is susceptible to shrinking and expanding from extreme temperature changes, solids are not suitable for installation over concrete slabs and not recommended for below grade use.

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Engineered Hardwood is also 100% wood. Its cross-ply construction allows it to be installed above or below grade and even on concrete slabs. Engineered flooring is glued down, or stapled down but can sometimes be floated over an existing floor.



Bamboo flooring is made from grass not wood and is harder than some wood flooring. It can be nailed, glued, or floated.

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