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About Us


At Dalton Carpet Outlet we don't treat each job the same. We understand your idea is unique to you. We want to make sure we listen to your needs and develop the best plan of action for your flooring needs.

Personalized Approach


Excellence and Professionalism

Dalton Carpet Outlet uses the best installers in the business. We are not a big box store where you have no idea who will show up. Our team of installers have been with us for years. When you hire Dalton Carpet Outlet, you get us, not some for-hire contractor.

Insured and Guaranteed

Dalton Carpet Outlet is fully insured. We stand behind each job and make sure that you are satisfied before we leave. We will show you how we have served West Georgia over two decades. Hard work, dependability, and trustworthy, that is how we built this business. You can depend on Dalton Carpet Outlet.

West Ga's Largest On-Hand Inventory
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